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ADDO’s Vision

Creation of a situation, in which human rights are understood, respected and monitored by the people; the society is governed by the rule of law and on the basis of democracy and human rights.

ADDO’s Mission:

ADDO works for promotion of democracy values and  rule of law  as well as sustainable development in Afghanistan. These two goals are inter-linked and mutually support each other.

Target Areas

ADDO has been working in South, northern and central Afghanistan including Kabul since 2014. Currently ADDO’s activities covered 4 provinces of Afghanistan.

More about ADDO

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ADDO was established in 2013 in Kabul, Afghanistan, by a group of Afghan volunteers as an NGO to promote democratic values and protect human rights in Afghanistan. ADDO played a key role in advocacy for promoting democracy in Afghanistan thorough the mobilization of youth groups.


ADDO warmly appreciates your contribution, sponsorship, and your cooperation.

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