ADDO has extensive experience in observing elections in Afghanistan. ADDO has 3400 volunteer observers in 34 provinces of Afghanistan. For the last decade, we have observed 4 election processes, deploying thousands of volunteer observers.

We believe that election observation is one of the most transparent and methodical ways to promote and encourage democracy and human rights. Ensuring that these principles are upheld is, of course, the task of governments, not observers.

Election observation is based on two fundamental principles: first, clear commitments entered into by governments for ensuring democratic elections; and second, the simple and incontrovertible rule that an observer is just that, an objective individual who does not interfere in the process. Transparency is key to ensuring that election observation remains objective and that all those interested in it can trust that it will remain so. Add hard work, dedication, professionalism, and experience, and we have an activity that we can be proud of, an effort that enjoys widespread respect and on which several international organizations have based their own observation activities.

Behind the observation is a diverse group of people from a variety of backgrounds. What they have in common is expertise, years of experience, an open mind, and dedication. You can meet a few of these individuals in our organization in ADDO. You can communicate with our election experts and learn how they have to say about the practice behind a decade of ADDO election observation. We at the ADDO are certainly grateful to them.

You can read our observation report in the report section of our website.