ADDO’s Approach

The Main office of ADDO is located in Kabul, Afghanistan while there are two provincial office in Bamyan and Balkh provinces. Each provincial office is headed by a Provincial Manager who reports to the Executive Director. The Provincial Manager  is assisted by Project Managers who are responsible for individual projects within the two main programs. The Project Managers are also responsible to their respective Program Manager for program related activities. The Provincial Offices also have administration and finance sections similar to the Main Office for logistics and financial support.


The Main Office is located in Kabul, Afghanistan. MO houses senior level management of the organization and plays an important role in donor and inter-agency coordination, planning, periodic supervision and evaluation of programs. Data processing, analysis and reporting (both technical and financial) and overall financial management are also the responsibilities of the Main Office.


The Main Office has Program and Administration & Finance departments. The Program Department is further divided into Development and Democracy  Departments, which are headed by Program Manager. The department heads report directly to the Executive Director of ADDO who is accountable to the BoD. Each department is further divided into sections in order to have a decentralized and effective management system. The intersection coordination is achieved through program managers whereas coordination at the organization level is affected through the Executive Committee, which meets on weekly basis.


At the provincial office level, the Provincial Manager is responsible for the implementation of the projects, recruitment of local staff, needs assessment of the area, contact with local authorities, coordination with other agencies in the region, identification of staff training needs, on-site supervision and monitoring of personnel and financial control. Each project is however managed by a Project Manager who is solely responsible for its implementation and reports directly to his/her respective Provincial Manager and Program Manager in the Main Office. Inter project coordination is achieved through regular meetings of project managers and regional manager.


Monitoring at the field level in ADDO is done regularly by the respective project and provincial managers. The program managers and the Executive Director also undertake frequent visits to the program areas in order to ensure implementation of activities according to pre-determined plans. There is also close interaction between the Main Office and provincial office staff for monitoring and reporting purposes.

There has been an external evaluation done of ADDO development program in each year. The senior management undertook a self-evaluation of the Democracy Program after each three years. ADDO does not have a separate section to regularly monitor various programs’ activities or undertake evaluation or impact studies.